A tradition of quality since 1990.

ArtiCasa proudly represents and services the following brands.

Water Mixers Brands

Jörger is a family business in the true sense of the word. In 1909, Bernhard Jörger, born in 1881 and master plumber at the court of Grand Duke Friedrich II of Baden, together with his father founded what was to become a long family tradition. In 1965 Engineer Gerhard E. Jörger took over and set pioneering milestones for the company. He never went through with a designer education. Nevertheless his name represents the design of exclusive bathroom fittings and accessories. Jörger’s philosophy, which is to offer design-concepts for the entire bathroom, relies on the enthusiasm of every single person involved. This enthusiasm guarantees that the majority of the work – from the initial vision and the planning process to the introduction of a new line of products – can be carried out on our premises. Today, Jörger stands for harmoniously matching design of fittings, washbasins, bathroom furniture and accessories. It was in the late sixties that engineer Gerhard Jörger became fascinated by the authentic design of traditional washbasins. He started by having them built in small numbers. However, to underline the beauty of these classic forms, Gerhard Jörger followed his inspiration and designed his first very own classic fittings. The designer became a manufacturer. Very soon washbasins, accessories and bathroom furniture in his own exclusive designs followed. Gerhard Jörger demonstrated his creative spirit, whenever the development of a new design or a technical innovation was involved.  Our products combine technical perfection with exclusive design. The accessories especially fitted for every Jörger design series allow you to create an individual and harmonious decor for your bathroom. For more than 90 years, we have taken pride in our careful manufacturing and finishing combined with individual design to make unique products for your bath.

Teka is an international industrial group founded in Germany in 1924. The business divisions of the group go from the professional and domestic equipment for the kitchen and bath and stainless steel containers. The division of Teka kitchen is among the world-wide leaders in the manufacture of sinks and electric home appliances with the advantage of being a specialized integral manufacturer in the socket, that is to say, covers all needs under an unique brand. In 1989 The Teka Group buys the faucets factory Casa Buades of Mallorca, introducing itself to the catalogue the first faucets with Teka brand. This same year Casa Buades acquires the Mofem Group of Hungary, also dedicated to the same activity, later in 1993 Casa Buades acquires the Mofem Group of Hungary, dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of faucets. In 1998 New branches in Czech Republic and Hungary are constituted. Casa Buades participates in a company in Austria (Swiag) and constitutes another one in Germany, Teka Sanitärtechnik. In 2010 was 110 years Mofém factory (Hungary) anniversary.

We have chosen two words to sum up our goal and this is “customer satisfaction”, and all workers at Reinbach constantly being motivated to reach this goal. What does this mean for you?  Delivery of high quality products which are constantly being updated to meet the latest technical requirements, expert qualified advice and a very special level of service.  In the development and selling of different products our main emphasis is concentrated on, next to the design, the durability and innovative technique.  The environment of course, is always being considered and so our products are water, energy and money saving. Reinbach demands the same standards always and everywhere with its products – quality. This is not only reflected in the final product but is integrated through all parts of our business: development, production, sales and customer service. Our service quality is second to none. Our guarantee and the unprecedented opportunity to buy replacements at a future date for all our products, offers security and demonstrates commitment to our customers.