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Tiles Brands

VILLI develops and manufactures glass tiles that meet the highest standards of quality and esthetics. Using an innovative process, products are created with a unique brilliance using the interplay of light and colors. No matter from which angle you look at the product, you will always discover new facets. Like a mirror, it reflects esthetics and uniqueness back to its beholder. The variety of surfaces, formats and colors allows for unlimited uses and designs. In this way, VILLI becomes a personal part of your environment and a visible sign of good taste and gives you a very special outlook on life. VILLI glass tiles are available for use on floors, walls and as borders and kitchen backsplashes for both interior and exterior applications. For exterior applications, VILLI glass tiles are frostproof as well as UV resistant. Our product is the perfect choice for installations ranging from pools and spas to building cladding. The history of glass as a unique material began in Ancient Egypt 6,000 years ago. Glass pearls, which had formed inside volcanic rock, were seen as a symbol of beauty and wealth then. Glass was first manufactured in Mesopotamia in 3000 BC. Glass was melted in a fireclay core and then shaped. Alexander the Great discovered the peculiar material on his expeditions and spread it around the Middle East. The blowpipe was invented in the Mediterranean area and led to the manufacture of glass becoming an art form. For the first time, it was possible to shape glass. The old glass tradition started in the south of Austria, in the region of the Koralpe Mountain, at the glassworks at the former sites of production (forest glass, 1665 – 1738) and St. Vinzenz (glass chandeliers for Versailles and mirror glass, 1728 – 1764). Its path takes us from Bärnbach in Styria (industrial glass production) to Tyrol and Swarovski and back across the Alps to Venice. From there, we return with the glass heads of Kiki Kogelnik to Lower Carinthia. It is here that we encounter another facet of glass making: Glass art and, in particular, glass artists. This look-back in history takes us to the beginnings of VILLIglas. Born of a vision, of innovation and a pioneering spirit, a unique product was created, for which we relied, yet again, on know-how from Italy. This is how this process, unique around the world, was started

The name Portobello represents a solid group of companies, with its business centered on ceramic coverings and related products. The group of companies is based on open capital and complete transparency in its accounts. Portobello’s activities are structured on several fronts and the group shows itself to be capable of attending the needs of the various markets it performs in to a high quality. As well as Portobello S.A. – specialists in ceramic coverings – Portobello Shop and Portobello America are each also part of the group. Design: creative activity that establishes the characteristics of products and services, allied to aesthetic, social, environmental and cultural values. For us at Portobello, design is an attitude that transforms areas into better places to live. Innovation: we are always innovating, and design is the vehicle of our innovation, We use technology to offer solutions of high aesthetic value and excellent functional performance that express the Portobello style, respecting the environment and our social responsibility.

It is a company of the utmost relevance in its sector, where none of its competitors offer such a vast array of products: white body floor and wall tiles, enamelled porcelain tiles, extruded porcelain tiles, traditional glazed tiles and also enamelled porcelain tiles decorated using digital printing technology. From this results a diverse range of solutions including all potential necessities, from the boldest decorative needs to demanding technical anti-acid floor coverings for industries. Aleluiua Cerâmicas, S.A. is comprised of 3 brands,  Ceramic, Keratec and Viúva Lamego. Each brand has unique characteristics and responds to different expectations and necessities. “Innovation, Quality and Design” are the values associated with its products, providing innovative aesthetic solutions which are adaptable to the most varied lifestyles. In 2012 Aleluia Cerâmicas joined the Prébuild Group.

In a world where the specialization is a competitive advantage, the products Keratec are manufactured in most modern and innovative Portuguese Ceramics of floors and walls in extruded porcelain tiles, whose diversity of formats, colors and finishing, allows the concretion of demanding and ambitious projects, such as:
· Super Market chains
· Shopping-center
· Colleges
· Metro Stations
· Stadiums
· Hospitals
· Hotels
· Industries
· Automobile stands
· Universities
· Tourist and residential urbanization
Pioneers in the world-wide market, the products Keratec are obtained from exceptional raw materials, available in the country, that are submitted to a process of milling of reduced granularity, conformed by high extrusion pressure and completed by firing at high temperatures, granting to the product high quality technical characteristics, such as:
· High mechanical resistance
· Total resistance to the chemical agents
· Total resistance to stains, namely ANTI-GRAFFITI(becoming a product of easy cleanness and maintenance)
· Total resistance to frost and thermal shock
· Total guarantee of application in exterior zones
Keratec, presents itself as a solution for the most demanding requirements, with a large range of formats, thicknesses until 18 mm (unique in Portugal), complemented with trims and accessories, for smooth, anti-slip and draining surfaces.