A tradition of quality since 1990.

ArtiCasa proudly represents and services the following brands.

Plumbing Fittings Brands

We have chosen two words to sum up our goal and this is “customer satisfaction”, and all workers at Reinbach constantly being motivated to reach this goal. What does this mean for you?  Delivery of high quality products which are constantly being updated to meet the latest technical requirements, expert qualified advice and a very special level of service.  In the development and selling of different products our main emphasis is concentrated on, next to the design, the durability and innovative technique.  The environment of course, is always being considered and so our products are water, energy and money saving. Reinbach demands the same standards always and everywhere with its products – quality. This is not only reflected in the final product but is integrated through all parts of our business: development, production, sales and customer service. Our service quality is second to none. Our guarantee and the unprecedented opportunity to buy replacements at a future date for all our products, offers security and demonstrates commitment to our customers.

An international group producing sanitary ware And Accessories for bathrooms toilets And kitchens At every given opportunity, the WIRQUIN Group pulls out all the stops to provide the best products and services for its customers anywhere in the world. The Group, made up of 11 companies, employs over 700 people and has plants in 8 different countries: South Africa, China, Egypt, Spain, France, Portugal, Rumania and Russia. The company sells its products in over 60 countries. The WIRQUIN Group’s plants are equipped with the latest technology: state-ofthe- art injection, blowers and extrusion lines.Quality above all: this is the Key driver across the group. WIRQUIN combines present research with past experience to broaden the range of products on offer. Some innovative products (3l/6l, Quick-clack, Jollyflex, Magiflex) have become reference points known and recognised worldwide. The Group’s portfolio of products comprises of 4 sections: The “WC” section, made up of flushing mechanisms, ball valves, tanks, wc frames and toilet seats. The “Drainage” section, made up of plastic or brass drainage systems for sinks, basins, bidets, shower trays, baths, ventapipes and accessories. The “Connectors” section, made up of flexible or rigid wc connectors and drainage
connectors. The “Bath” section, made up of hand showers, flexible hoses, hydro-massage columns and shower trays. WIRQUIN also innovates by providing merchandising and packaging solutions that can be tailored and adapted to the client’s needs, as well as innovative sales concepts and opportunities for optimisation and line profitability. The WIRQUIN Group creates solutions and services and is always in tune with the needs of customers and consumers.Every day, the WIRQUIN Group is committed to being at your side. The Group slogan: SUCCEEDING TOGETHER.