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Furniture Brands

Being a company in the furniture industry, which sells its products worldwide for over 66 years, is a daily challenge. For us at Stilles it means much more than just a business, as it represents a reflection of our knowledge, hard work and good business relationships with business partners. Successful business is the result of a combination of traditional methods, which are still used in business and continuous learning and application of new technologies. Own product development and high level of manual processing is the approach followed since our establishment, when in 1945 Mr. Durn and his colleagues in Sevnica laid the foundation of today’s Stilles. The selection of the best materials, creative design, quality manufacturing and a wide selection of fabrics and other accessories are our ongoing commitment to ensure the excellence of our products. In this way we meet our basic mission – WE MAKE WOOD TIMELESS. WITH US, QUALITY IS ALWAYS FIRST Standard of quality of Stilles is passed on from generation to generation, providing what we in Stilles create with passion for over 66 years-high quality furniture. The high requirements imposed also suffice our suppliers, as they must meet clearly defined norms of quality, their products are carriers of all required certificates (flame-retardant, noise, environmental protection). Only then can we ensure the highest quality products to our customers. We offer our customers high-grade furniture, both our own collection as well as modern furniture made on order for home, offices or hotel facilities.

We, as EUROPİM, have grown to be one of the highest capacity interior furnishing manufacturers inTurkey, since our establishment in year 1998. Our company today, stands for a trend setter in interior and hospitality design and has grown into a worldwide known organization – EUROPİM International Group – with it’s branches and joint-venture companies in Italy, Germany, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Qatar and Lebanon. A project of any scope is a complete project for us and we make the same efforts to each and every project to fulfill the clients’ demands, and to integrate individuality and establishments’ identity to the ambiance we design. Our main goal is making our clients happy. EUROPİM personnel work in great harmony to make our clients smile with individuality principle in design, high quality craftsmanship / material use and on time delivery. For us, traditional production is an indispensible part of the uniqueness of hospitality furniture. In our production facilities of 20.000 sqm under roof space we also keep on investing in craftsmanship besides our high technology machine parks. Our multi-purpose production facilities, the cooperation with our R&D department and our strong working relationship with associated trades allow us to offer turnkey operations for any environment from retail sales to complete project management, we offer our clients complete solutions from one source.

Founded in 2005, Cardin Concept is one of the leading Furniture manufacturers with a 40.000 m 2 of production area and 60.000 m2 open area. Cardin Concept doubled its capacity in 2007; Cardin Concept serves the whole world by means of highly skilled and experienced technical and managerial team, latest machine technology, innovative collections and top quality production. All kind of home furniture’s, bedrooms, dining rooms, sofas, orthopedic mattresses. The whole productions of furniture’s are exported to the selective markets all around the world. With its own designing team, Cardin Concept can match with any sort of customer request. The factory of Cardin Concept employing 550 people, are considered to be among the top high-tech facilities in Turkey.

DÜZCE DORUK AĞAÇ is a pioneer organization founded by BESLER ORMAN, GUNEY ORMAN, ESEN ORMAN and NURSEL AĞAÇ in 2004 in order to produce covered MDF, Chipboard and Plywood panels with veneer and laminate. The organization which was founded for bringing a new breath to the sector has already passed beyond the limits of this aim. DORUK AĞAÇ has increased its production quality with the help of the additional investments it has been realizing and has reached an incredible success. DORUK AĞAÇ proved its success by increasing its capacity four times within the year 2007. DORUK AĞAÇ accepted 2007 as the year for realizing new investments and it succeeded being the most important solution finding partner of the door and door industry sector with the help of the new investments it realized within the said year, lunched DORSTIL as one of the best door and cabinet options in the Turkish market. Today, DORUK AĞAÇ is one of the most important companies in the sector employing 300 employees. DORUK AĞAÇ has succeeded in bringing a speed to the wood sector and it has a production approach based on integrated solutions. DORUK AĞAÇ has an enclosed production area of 20.000 m² built on 50.000 m² open area. DORUK AĞAÇ now increased its door production capacity to 14.000 pcs per month.