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ArtiCasa proudly represents and services the following brands.

Doors Brands

DANA (JELD-WEN GmbH) is market leader for interior doors in Austria and for a few years DANA is part of the international JELD-WEN Group, the world’s most important door producer. Quality, design and innovation let DANA become the specialist for special requests and the premium brand within the group. DANA is the group’s “bridge to the East”: since 2008 DANA is responsible for the sale of all JELD-WEN door brands in the states of central and Eastern Europe and also for the industrial management of the plant in Lenti, Hungary.

  • Great variety of design of doors, frames and accessories
  • High quality workmanship
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Strict quality control
  • Professional trading partners
  • Reliable customer service
  • Short times of delivery / just-in-time
  • Production conforming to standards
  • Special sizes because of most modern production technology

DÜZCE DORUK AĞAÇ is a pioneer organization founded by BESLER ORMAN, GUNEY ORMAN, ESEN ORMAN and NURSEL AĞAÇ in 2004 in order to produce covered MDF, Chipboard and Plywood panels with veneer and laminate. The organization which was founded for bringing a new breath to the sector has already passed beyond the limits of this aim. DORUK AĞAÇ has increased its production quality with the help of the additional investments it has been realizing and has reached an incredible success. DORUK AĞAÇ proved its success by increasing its capacity four times within the year 2007. DORUK AĞAÇ accepted 2007 as the year for realizing new investments and it succeeded being the most important solution finding partner of the door and door industry sector with the help of the new investments it realized within the said year, lunched DORSTIL as one of the best door and cabinet options in the Turkish market. Today, DORUK AĞAÇ is one of the most important companies in the sector employing 300 employees. DORUK AĞAÇ has succeeded in bringing a speed to the wood sector and it has a production approach based on integrated solutions. DORUK AĞAÇ has an enclosed production area of 20.000 m² built on 50.000 m² open area. DORUK AĞAÇ now increased its door production capacity to 14.000 pcs per month.